Assisted Living Care

Quality care, wherever you live

Wherever your loved ones are living, they deserve the best levels of care. Their needs and their choices should be respected whether living in their own home, in a care home setting or within assisted living.

They may have a single apartment within a large care complex, be part of warden assisted living or an assisted living programme.

If you’re worried about their quality of care or you have concerns you’re not sure how to address, then we can be of assistance:

  • Working with your on-site care provider and the site management team to improve communications
  • Requesting that they take action to make essential changes
  • Contacting the local authority, social care services or social care procurement team for external support
  • Advocating for reviews of medication or needs, or involvement from other professionals where required
  • Supporting the process to secure a new care provider, advising on what’s involved and liaising with your new care company of choice

We’re here to help you receive the care you deserve, wherever you may be.